WE tv came to DEFINITION 6 to promote their month-long holiday event the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER. Every Wednesday night in December WE tv ran a classic holiday movie.

To promote this event WE tv and DEFINITION 6 took a new spin on the holiday classic A CHRISTMAS CAROL. We created a dedicated, heartwarming, Christmas loving WE tv employee named Carol to be the spokeswoman for the campaign. This series of spots and on-line games shot on location at WE tv… takes the Christmas spirit to a whole new level.

As a social component, DEFINITION 6 created messaging to promote WE tv's weekly giveaways for the month of December, using Christmas Carol as our gift giver. A series of posts leading up to the Best Christmas Ever Wednesday movie premieres engaged people to guess what’s in the box Carol was wrapping that week. Correct guessers were selected at random and rewarded with prizes ranging from Rokus to iPads. It was a great way to keep audiences engaged during the holiday season. 


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