The Ask

WE tv needed a social media agency that would do more than just produce and deliver content. They were looking for an integrated partner that would use social media to help drive tune-in for its full stable of shows. DEFINITION 6 created an I-want-my-WE-tv social media strategy that directs viewers to engage with the channel’s entire stable of programming, not just clips of individual shows. We became a thought partner for WE tv, producing original shareable content created specifically for social that promotes conversation and tells a bigger brand story. We used analytics to optimize performance and trained network talent and casts on social media best practices, empowering them to interact with their audiences themselves.


Social Media Thought Partner Plus

DEFINITION 6 creates nearly every piece of content published across the brand’s social channels, including multi-media content from our in-house production and real-time audience engagement during each season's original program. We’ve combined decades of entertainment, production, and marketing experience with a deep understanding of the social and digital landscape to evolve WE’s approach to driving tune-in. Instead of a 30-second promo, it’s creating a shareable piece of content that strikes a chord with viewers. It’s engaging and promoting in a conversational way using content created specifically to resonate on social. And audiences are responding. WE is now driving innovation in network social media presence and was recently featured in the #twitter4tv event as a best-in-class example of Vines for television.

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